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Ami Onuki
Ami Ounki



Date of Birth

September 18, 1973 (Actual)
Unknown (animated)


43 (Actual)
Unknown, possibly 17-21 (animated)





First Appearance

Unaired pilot episode (2003)
Dis-Harmony (Aired) (2004)

Signature Color


Voiced by

Janice Kawaye (animated)
Ami Onuki (singing voice for PUFFY songs)

Final Appearance

It's Alive!

Ami Onuki is one of the members of the rock band Puffy and the deuteragonist of the series. She is a drummer, vocalist and guitarist.


She favors bubblegum pop and wears a go-go dress which has a golden yellow and yellow shirt part and a yellow and pink skirt, also sporting a Daisy in her hair, a white watch on her right wrist and a red bracelet on her left wrist, and white knee-high go-go boots.

When she is competing with villains, Ami magically transforms her outfit into a battle uniform, which she wears a yellow tanktop with a black horizontal stripe in the middle, white pantyhose and black Mary Jane shoes.

For sleepwear Ami wears a pink sleeved nightgown with a flower in the middle.

For swimwear, Ami wears a light blue bikini with a yellow heart and olive flip flops. She formerly had a lime green headband with her flower patterns on it, which got eaten by a shark in "Surf's Up" while her and Yumi were lost on the ocean because they were bad at surfing.

For formal wear in "Opera Yumi", Ami wears a yellow dress, wears yellow pearl earrings and wears her hair in buns.  

For ninja wear, Ami wears a lavender ninja outfit with a lavender balaclava.

For Magician assistant outfit, she wears a light blue hairband, light blue swimsuit and gold pumps.

In "Secret Origin" and the flashback from "Super Zero", as a kid, she wore her hair in pigtails, and a black long sleeve shirt, a white flounced skirt, white socks and black Mary Janes shoes.

In the pilot, she had more desaturated hair that was also more of a shade of red, two flowers (that were a darker shade of yellow), a long-sleeved mulberry shirt with a cerise button, a white collar and circular puffy sleeves on top of its long sleeves which have white tips at the end, a dark cerise tank top with a heart on it, long pink pants that have heart patterns and mulberry and cerise boots. In some shots, she has ponytails instead, accompanied by gold-colored beads.


As the optimist, Ami always looks on the bright side of things and finds a solution to every situation (being two years older, yet acting less mature than Yumi). She loves rainbows, bunnies, sparkles, and anything else girly, which is the opposite of Yumi.

In the pilot, she was depicted being less of a girly stereotype and somewhat more mature.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Ami can drive the tour bus, talk to bees, make a huge mess and clean in the form of a tornado, and play her drums with her bare feet, as seen in both "Ami Goes Bad" and "Mean Machine". Ami can crush a handheld gaming device with her hand as seen in The Legend of Mei Pie. She is also a ninja like Yumi in Ninjacompoop, though not as skillful or as Yumi (which leads to her ultimate demise later). Ami can also throw things far away as seen in "Gridiron Maidens", due to always pounding on the drums.


  • Despite acting like a child in the show, the real Ami Onuki is the oldest of the two.
  • Sometimes, she may sound like Jenny (from My Life as a Teenage Robot), due to Janice Kawaye voicing both of the said characters.


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    Ami Onuki by roam007

    Ami Onuki in real life

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