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  • This is one of the 5 episodes that never aired in the USA.
  • This episode aired on Australia's free-to-air TV channel, Go!.
  • In Disco Caper, Yumi is dressed like one of the Village People.
  • In Disco Caper, Ami throws her flower like a boomerang. This could be a possible reference to Sailor Moon, throwing her tiara like a boomerang.
  • At the beginning of House Unkeeping, Ami and Yumi are wearing black shirts. Ami wears one saying "Not Ami" and Yumi, "Not Yumi". This could be a reference to the Codename Kids Next Door episode, Operation: FLUSH, where Fanny Fulbright's dad brings up the time Lou fell for Nigie's trick, wearing a shirt that says "I'm Not Numbuh One".
  • In House Unkeeping, the girls get the idea to mess up the hotel room with chocolate. This could refer to The Simpsons episode, I Love Lisa, when Ralph accidentally knocked chocolate ice cream on Lisa's purple dress at Krusty the Clown's 29th Anniversary Show, and Clancy tells her that nothing gets chocolate out.

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