Episode RecapEdit

Fan ClubsEdit

Ami and Yumi have their own fan clubs but, Ami doesn't know about Yumi's fan club and vice versa so Ami tries to hide her fan club from Yumi. Yumi hides her fan club from Ami by putting their stuff in Kaz's room until the president of both clubs came to visit and both Ami and Yumi were happy to know they both have fan clubs. Kaz gets disappointed because he can't keep all the stuff in his room.

Cat NapEdit

Kaz tries to go to bed but the cats do many cruel things to him that keeps him up at night like glueing his bed onto the ceiling and many other pranks on Kaz.


Ami and Yumi were believed to be cursed on Friday the 13th after bad luck strikes them both when they turn on Kaz's machine when he forgot to put on the off button and trying to avoid stepping on cracks.

Trivia Edit

  • At the end of Fan Clubs after Kaz opens the Kaz Fan Club, Harmony's voice is reused audio from the first episode.

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