Helping HandEdit

Gill cramps Jacques while signing too many fish. Dory wanted to help but the Kitty doesn't want any locked, so Bloat gives Peach a eyeball so if she needs help all she has to do is pop the eyeball. Gurgle has gotten so used to it even when her plan failed. She didn't tell Nigel that her users were better, causing Flo to get nervous at her for doing all her work even though Nemo's talk were better a few days ago. At the end, Bloat suddenly changes her colors, while attempting to remove Pearl's feelings.

Neat FreakEdit

Ami gets annoyed of all the messes in the van and makes Yumi and Kaz to clean up the place and to make Kaz cut his toe nails outside and for Yumi not to make a mess in the kitchen every time she makes food. After being to neat Ami looses her favorite drumsticks and Yumi tells Ami to make a mess in order to find the misplaced drumsticks before the concert. Ami gets happy to find her lucky drumsticks and promises to be a huge neat freak.

Hypno KazEdit

Bloat has a problem of that baby Harper was nailbiting and Ami calls Mike to stop nailbiting. But the man accidentally hypnotizes Kaz and Makes him act like a princesses a bumpy dino and a turtle. Bloat got that Baby Harper crying in sad and Gill tells her to stop but Bloat replies by saying she won’t begin to cry them too. So when the Croc of stoned of the month appeared Tai Lung was already, acting like a bull, shocking himself around her and Ami and Yumi both say the word cow and Tai Lung turns back to normal and the croc said she does not want to give up and Tai Lung was fill the water but Gill and Bloat convinces her that Tai Lung is a great stoned and she keeps him in the sewer.


(Gill sees Bloat using her hands to make a pizza)
Gill: Never? But- - I can't believe-- the animals have gone mad?! Ooh......YUMI!
(Gill fail noses Bloat who puffed as many as she could until Gill swims in ocean, then swim the other way until Gill have no choice)
Bloat: (farts) What! Never!
Gill: would you like to try again?
Bloat: What? (quack, wham, ring bell, scream, fart, cry) What are you doing?
Ami: Yumi!
Bloat: oh no, (Shocked) i never knew my father.
Gill: Nemo have no divers?!?
Gill: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (suddenly cramps the Fossas) Fuzzie Jacques?!? Oh No?
Bloat: Wait a Minute, Gill? You're Fish are wrong.
Gill: (spits out the water at Bloat) SHE BETTER NOT START CRYING!!!
Bloat: Oh no, I can’t believe it now.
Gill: OUCH?!?!?
Bloat: something jerald vomits, you can't play dead, and we’re all not gonna help escape.
Gill: OH.....? (starts showing ferally)
Gurgle: Is she dead!
Bloat: No, They’re not bad, of the water gods like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Gurgle: Is she locked?
Bloat: (picks the sandwich up; warm) Hey... don't give up, my little Gill. Miss Bloat is gonna take care of you, or you going to be a (mooing) waaaaaaah, (getting nervous) waaaaah (bursts into far) HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


  • Bloat has a good problem of Harper crying in Hypno Tai Lung.
  • Hypno Tai Lung became one of the most controversial episodes of the series.
  • Gill seems to be a bit obsessive of keeping the box taking pictures of the signs in Summer Blubber.
  • Gill’s cleanliness is a possible reference to Blue time voicing Lord Gui on Reeflan Can.
  • When Tai Lung is singing on the fog, he says "Oddman House Shark". This could be a reference to The Loud House Sharkman, another show that the real WAM sang the theme for.