The Mini-Puffs are a duo of babies that appear in the episode Mini-Puffs.


They are babies that look alike except one has blue eyes while the other has brown eyes. They have small turfs of hair and they wear diapers.


They get dressed up in baby versions of Ami and Yumi's clothing when they go on stage. They are wear wigs designed to be like Ami and Yumi's hair.


The Mini-Puffs act like regular babies, but they give the group a really hard time. They became a handful for Ami and Yumi when they have to take care of them. They refuse to eat the food Ami and Yumi give them, their illnesses are misunderstood, they play with the tap on the bath shower, they poop many stinky diapers (which are so smelly that Ami and Yumi have to wear orange biohazard suits and dig a landfill), they take as long as 3:00 a.m. to go to sleep as well as end up spewing, and many other things. Ami and Yumi get fed up and quit, leaving someone else to look after them, someone who starts with Kaz. When Ami and Yumi leave for a while, Kaz deals with them but he has as much trouble with them as the girls. He even tried to bribe them with a solid gold dummy and a mink-like bassinet. The babies pull off his facial hair, threw away his glasses and bite him. Kaz begs Ami and Yumi to help when they return. Ami and Yumi put them to sleep with a soothing lullaby (Spring Morning) sung in Japanese. Kaz returns the babies to wherever he got them from. Most likely their parents or an orphanage.


  • It is unknown where the babies came from. It is assumed that they are either orphans or that their parents lent them to Kaz Harada to perform gig-to-gig.
  • In Visiting Hours, all the babies in the nursery at the hospital bear a resemblance to the Mini Puffs. It is possible that 2 of them were the Mini Puffs, and if they are, then Visiting Hours may take place before Mini Puffs.

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